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A Native American owned Flutes, Arts & Crafts company.
Handcrafted, Traditional and Museum Quality, Collector Style Native American Style Flutes,

Music and Art

––– by Mac Lopez

We offer a great selection of flutes that range from very affordable, quality, standard flutes,
to one of a kind flutes for discriminate collectors and performers. Made with exotic woods,
some are hand carved, some have colorful stone inlay or wood burnings. Also offered in our
Flute Gallery from time to time and as they become available are beautiful flutes made by
outstanding, talented and experienced flute makers from throughout the country that we admire
and are honored to know, some of which we regard as family and have inspired our own
creativity, those flute makers include:

Danny Bigay, BIlly Crowbeak, & Hawk LittleJohn,

Native American flutes are woodwind instruments originally dating back to
and conceived by the "First Americans" and have been called by many names such as the
Love Flute, Courting Flute, Indian flute, Plains Flute or Woodlands Flute.

Mac Lopez would like to extend a special "Thank You," to all of our patrons who have supported us
through the years. We love what we do and we are so grateful to be in a business where many we've
encountered through our flutes, jewelry and art have become great friends. If you are new to our
website we would like to welcome you, you will find an awesome selection of Native American Style
Flutes and Flute Music as well as Wire Wrap Jewelry



Abouts...ARTIST BIO's

Mac Lopez
Mac is an enrolled member of the Shoshone and Cherokee Nations
and started his flute making
career 19 plus years ago and was very fortunate to have spent time
(sharing and being mentored by
the late Hawk LittleJohn of NC)
“I feel very blessed to have spent the kind of time that I did with Hawk,
since that time I have released 6 CD’s and have performed throughout the US including France and
Switzerland, I am also a Northern Traditional Dancer, I can be contacted thru our website (currently
being entirely redone)
at I only specialize in making Woodlands Style
Flutes, & besides making my own Signature flutes I have also been blessed to have helped the
careers of the most well known flute makers in the US, such as JP Gomez, Colyn Petersen, Geoffrey
Ellis, Billy Crowbeak, Danny Bigay, Pat Haran, and a few others. I’ll be exhibiting my flutes and CD’
s along with my wife Cherry’s jewelry and we are looking forward to participating at this prestigious
event and we hope to see ya’ll there.

Blessings, Mac





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